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Weekly Bloom • Amaryllis

Posted on August 05, 2013

The tropical South-American genus Hippeastrum, commonly known as Amaryllis, comprises of over 600 hybrids and cultivars. The oversized flowers and sleek appearance of common cultivars make them a striking addition to the home, with varieties such as our double-scaped Red Lions standing at around 70cm tall.

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Weekly Bloom • Kalanchoe

Posted on July 29, 2013

This week we've got something a little different: a plant! Kalanchoes are long-flowering, easy care succulents that bear four petaled flowers in a veriety of yellow, orange, red and pink hues.

Popular in China long before they were classified by the Europeans, the Chinese name translates to "thousands and millions of red and purple."

Our Kalanchoes, on special for this week only, are hybrids of the very popular species Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. 

Click here to see out Weekly Special

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Weekly Bloom • Tulips

Posted on July 23, 2013

We thought it was about time to get into the amazing tulip season for this week's special!

Tulips are widely known as a symbol of Holland though they're not native to the region. Their arrival in the Netherlands in the 17th century prompted what is thought to be the first speculative economic bubble with single tulip bulbs in February 1637 sold for up to ten times the annual income a of a skilled craftsman, falling back to regular prices by May that year.

The most expensive varieties, such as Semper Augustus and Viceroy, were sought after for their striped petals. Ironically, these patterns were due to a tulip-specific virus which went on to ensure that these varieties were not easily propagated, meaning they no longer exist.

The popularity of tulips in Holland returned to a steady flow after the bubble until this day, where tulips are one of the most popular choices for florists around the world.

Check out our special for this week: The Veraldi Tulip Bouquet

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Weekly Bloom • Anemone

Posted on July 08, 2013

These are another tuberous cold-flowerer. The name Anemone is from Greek and means "Daughter of the Wind." The Anemones we get are hybrids most closely related to the Poppy Anemone, Anemone coronaria, and come in colours such as the bold crimson, dark purple and deep indigo in the photo below. Anemones begin tightly closed but the name of this species soon becomes apparent when they fan out and reveal the bright insides of their petals.

Our Weekly Bloom special combines two in-season bulb flowers, Anemones and Daffodils.

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Weekly Bloom • Erlicheer

Posted on July 02, 2013

Erlicheer gained its name from being among the first of the Narcissus varieties to bloom. These are white, dainty and fragrant with many flowers on a stem. Narcissus have a wide range of cultural values attached to them, from vanity in the western world to fortune and prosperity in the East, due to their strong seasonality and prevalence around the world. In New Zealand we know the daffodil as the icon of the Cancer Society, a symbol that is repeated around the world.

Our Weekly Bloom special this week is a bunch of Erlicheer in a small glass vase.

That's it for now, some other Narcissus varieties will no doubt be popping up here as the season gets in to full swing!

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