Weekly Bloom • Cymbidium Orchid

These Asian natives are known for their large, numerous blooms and their cold-hardiness. They have been cultivated as house and garden plants for thousands of years in China and their flowers popular in the western world since the Victorian Era

Cymbidiums are an big crop for New Zealand thanks to our climate suiting their needs perfectly. A majority of the Cymbidiums grown here are destined for export but a decline demand has meant a flush of top-quality cut stems in the wholesale market this season. Cymbidiums are available in regular and miniature varieties and in colours such as crisp apple green, pure elfin white, textured cocoa brown and deep pink.

We've been enjoying Cymbidium orchids very much over the last few weeks, so we though we'd let you in on the magic with a special Cymbidium Bouquet

Come along to our Tea Party on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the beginning of our Weekly Bloom

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